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Spaghettini ala Vongole


5 Servings

Seasoned Salt:

6-Pepper Salt


1 #                Spagettini

20 each         Fresh clams (under cherrystone size)

Olive oil        as needed

4 cloves       Garlic

1  TB.           Chef Paul’s 6-Pepper Salt

8 oz.              Dry white wine

2  TB.            Italian Parsley


1. Shuck clams, reserve juice, or add whole after step 4

2. Chop clams.  Keep clams and juice separate

3. Sauté garlic and pepper with olive oil until translucent

4. Add wine and reduce by half

5. Cook pasta al dente- drain and save some pasta water

5. Add clams to the wine mixture and cook for 1 minute

6. *Add pasta and parsley toss and adjust seasonings

*Add pasta water to create a light sauce

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