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Recipes & Usage Ideas

Many clients suggest that the seasoning is the recipe and Chef Paul Hawaii Seasonings just might replace most of your spices in your rack.

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6-Pepper Salt is a unique blend of peppers from around the world, mixed together to create a spice of different textures. This is a pure product with the finest ingredients and no fillers.

Shake 6-Pepper Salt on all foods that need salt and pepper before or after cooking. Shake it on salads, fish, poultry, pizza, pasta, soups, sandwiches proteins and vegetables. Shake it on anything that needs a little pepper.

Great on the table instead of ordinary salt and pepper!
Spice up your life with 6-Pepper Salt!


Island Stylin’ is a mixture of 6-Pepper Salt with the addition of garlic, ginger and chives.

Excellent on fish, chicken, shrimp, meats and all foods desiring a Hawaiian Regional Cuisine flavor.


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Paniolo is onion, cumin, and coriander mixed together with 6-Pepper Salt.

Great on steaks, chicken and all foods desiring a taste of Tex-Mex

All Shakes are so versatile; uses are limited only by your imagination!

6-Pepper Salt, Island Stylin’ or Paniolo will also enhance soups, stews, salads, vegetables, and pastas, stir-fry and rice dishes.

Turn the ordinary into Extraordinary.
Be creative and have fun!


Below are a few suggestions from our customers


Jay from Canada said "We started coming to Hawaii in the 90’s and I am convinced that nothing makes eggs taste better than Island Stylin' or Paniolo."

"My favorite way to use the Island Stylin' seasoning was adding it to Bloody Mary mix.

It added a great flavor to our Sunday morning brunch cocktail."

Image by Toni Osmundson



What’s your favorite way to use Chef Paul’s seasonings?

Send us your favorite Chef Paul seasoning recipe(s) or ideas and we will
include a free bottle on your next order.

While Executive Chef of the Gallery Restaurant Mauna Lani Resort, Chef Paul Heerlein entered the Hawaii Seafood Culinary Excellence Competition for professional chefs. The quality of Chef Heerlein’s mastery was recognized and one of his signature dishes, Six Peppered Ahi garnered first place.

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